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The Hollywood Reporter (THR) is the premier destination and most-widely trusted resource for entertainment news, reviews, videos and analysis. Founded in 1930, THR offers exclusive coverage of film, television, and international news, plus extensive photo galleries and reporting of industry events and festivals such as the Oscars® , Emmys, Sundance, Cannes and more. Our unparalleled content reaches the entire entertainment marketplace-allowing industry leaders, influencers and consumers to access the information they want whenever, wherever.


Lori Burgess, Publisher


Janice Min, Editorial Director
Owen Phillips, Executive Editor
Elizabeth Guider, Editor
Stephen Galloway, Exec. Editor - Features
Andrew Wallenstein, Editor - Digital Media
Kim Masters, Editor-at-Large
David Morgan, Deputy Editor
Mike Barnes, Managing Editor
Todd Cunningham, Managing Editor
Gregg Kilday, Film Editor
Paul Bond, West Coast Business Editor
Georg Szalai, Business Editor, New York Bureau Chief
Carl DiOrio, Deputy Film Editor
Erik Pedersen, News Editor
Alex Ben Block, Senior Editor
Allison Hope Weiner, Senior Writer


Stuart Kemp, U.K. Bureau Chief
Mimi Turner, Europe TV Editor
Etan Vlessing, Canada Bureau Chief
Deborah Young, Chief International Critic
Ray Bennett, U.K. Critic
Ralf Ludemann, Copy Editor


Leslie Bruce, Reporter
Jay A. Fernandez, Reporter
James Hibberd, Reporter
Kirk Honeycutt, Chief Film Critic
Borys Kit, Senior Writer


Matthew Belloni, Managing Editor
Kevin Cassidy, Senior Editor International
Noela Hueso, Senior Editor
Stacey Wilson, Associate Editor
Lesley Goldberg, Senior Copy Editor


Pip Bulbeck (Australia)
Leo Cendrowicz (Belgium)
Jonathan Landreth (China)
Steven Schwankert (China)
Rebecca Leffler (France)
Scott Roxborough (Germany)
Karen Chu (Hong Kong)
Nyay Bhushan (India)
Eric J. Lyman (Italy)
Gavin Blair (Japan)
Soo Mei (Korea)
John Hecht (Mexico)
Ab Zagt (Netherlands)
Vladimir Koslov (Russia)
Janine Stein (Singapore)
Pamela Rolfe (Spain)


Ada Guerin, Design Director
Emily Johnson, Senior Designer
Jackie Rubi, Senior Designer
Estela Sandoval, Photo Editor & Imaging Supervisor
Abby Barba, Senior Paginator


Darah Head, Assistant News Editor
Patrick Hipes, Copy Chief


Jenna Bordelon, Managing Editor
Kimberly Nordyke, News Editor
Sofia Fernandez, News Editor
James Hibberd, Senior Online Editor


Michaela Apruzzese, Associate Publisher
Rebecca Eacret, Director, Finance & Operations


Kelly McAuliffe, Director, Sales Development
Elisabeth Deutschman, National Sales Director, TV
Victoria Gold, National Sales Director, Film
Patrice Atiee, Director, Talent & Management
Matt Price, Account Director, Independent Film
Lori Copeland, Account Director
Sue Raymer, Account Director
Ebony Adams, Sales Analyst
Susan Driskill, Sales Coordinator
Jamel Gonzales, Sales Coordinator

Susan Slocum, Executive Director, Consumer

Kris Parker, Midwest Sales Director, Consumer

Alison Smith, International Sales Director
Tommaso Campione, International Executive Director
Damjana Finci, Account Director, Europe
Ivy Lam, Account Director, Asia


Alex More, Creative Services Director
Patti Johnson, Creative Services Manager


Alex Boyce, Sr. Director, Market Development
Bellinda Alvarez, West Coast Digital Advertising Director
Michael Gilbride, Director, East Coast Digital
Reed Hallstrom, Digital Media Operations Coordinator
Anna Acero, Ad Operations Manager


Kelly Jones, Group Director
Kent Johnson, Production Design Manager
Shenaya Archer, Production Manager
Maya Eslami, Production Coordinator
William Scalia, Production Artist


James A. Finkelstein, Chairman
Richard D. Beckman, Chief Executive Officer
Primalia Chang, Chief Operating Officer
Howard Applebaum, President, Brand Development
Marshall Morris, Chief Financial Officer
Gautam Guliani, Chief Technology Officer
Dana Miller, Senior Vice President, Creative Services
Joshua Engroff, Senior Vice President, Online
Madeline Krakowsky, Vice President, Circulation
Doug Bachelis, Vice President, Marketing
Anne Doyle, Vice President, Human Resources
Andrew Min, Vice President, Licensing

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The staff at The Hollywood Reporter is filled with a tremendous amount of talent and experience. That talent and expertise is encapsulated within each issue we print, within each article and movie review we publish and an every page of our Web site. Here, take a behind-the-scenes look at the personnel responsible for getting everything to you every week.