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The Hollywood Reporter is located at 5055 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., 90036-4396

Contact an editor or reporter
The Hollywood Reporter's editorial staff welcomes feedback from its online readers. Just use the email link above. While we can't reply to all email, we read everything. If you want to submit a letter to the editor, include your full name, city and daytime phone number. Please note that we do not provide contact information for industry figures.

Contact the Web site team
The Hollywood Reporter's Web site team welcomes feedback and suggestions. Just use the email link above. If you are having technical problems, please check the help section of our FAQ.

Contact online subscriber customer service
Use this link for most communications with The Hollywood Reporter Online, including forgotten passwords, address or billing changes, renewals and cancellations. Or call 866.525.2150 or 323.525.2150 General questions about the service may be answered on our sign-up pages or our FAQ.

Address & Phone Numbers

Main phone: (323) 525-2000
Editorial fax: (323) 525-2377
Advertising fax: (323) 525-2372
Special Issues fax: (323) 525-2390
Print subscriptions (U.S., Canada, Mexico): (866) 525-2150 or (323) 525-2150
Print subscriptions (outside U.S., Canada, Mexico): (323) 525-2150
Online customer service: (888) 900-3782
New York office: (646) 654-5000
London bureau: (011) 44-20-7420-6004


For information on The Hollywood Reporter's features department and to view a calendar of upcoming reports and contact and submission information, use the link above.

Hollywood Reporter events
Information on the Key Awards, Women in Entertainment and other events produced by the Reporter can be found on our THR Live page.

Advertising information for the web site
Ad space is available on the site and can be targeted to your specific market. For more information or to contact an ad representative, use the link above.
Advertising information for the print edition
For general information and a complete list of ad representatives, use the link above.

Back issues and editorial research
Back issues can be ordered by phoning (866) 525-2150 or (323) 525-2150. Our online archives search engine can locate stories going back to 1991. Access to archived content comes as part of our online subscription.